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Accelerate COVID-19 Engagement With TrustAssure™

The TrustAssure™ Solution Suite is an multi stakeholder engagement platform that Consumers, Laboratories, Healthcare Providers, Health Plans, and Public Health Authorities can access and communicate vital health information for real-time risk assessment to manage the COVID-19 pandemic
and other public health emergencies.

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We understand the pressures of modern healthcare and will help you bridge the gap between medicine and information technology. Our U.S.-based team of experienced lab and IT experts are ready and eager to help your lab embrace the future of healthcare connectivity. We solve your most complicated issues, creating a better experience for labs, providers, and patients

Scientist on Computer

TrustAssure™ Provider
Lab Portal Benefits

  • Unified clinical inbox for improved workflow

  • Increase physician and patient satisfaction levels

  • Simple learning curve

  • Help providers reduce medical errors and duplicate tests

  • Fast and easy implementation

  • Flowcharts and cumulative graphs

  • Compatible with existing systems

  • Increase outreach and provider loyalty

  • Promotes accuracy and reduces workload

  • Secure and HIPAA compliant

  • Conforms to provider workflow

  • Provides clean and validated orders

  • Split requisition logic based on insurances

  • Results reporting

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