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Comprehensive Enterprise Escalator Handrail Cleaning and Sanitizing Program

  • Dual System for Safe and Easy Cleaning ​


  • ATP Testing For Documenting Results

Monitoring Software and Reports   

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Our Products

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the spread of viruses & bacteria.

Prescribed cleaning frequency

and time chart detailing labor time required to complete each cleaning or sanitizer application.

Extends the life

of moving handrails by 3 to 5 years, reducing untimely handrail replacements costs.

No downtime

equals happy customers! Cleans while moving rails are in use.

Lowers labor costs

and Increases productivity by allowing staff to perform other essential duties, maximizing labor efficiency.

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Cleaning Pads

  • Dual Sided

  • Washable and Reusable

  • Removes 99.94% of Bacteria


  • My-Shield® forms a microbe/germ killing nano polymer barrier on skin for up to 4 - 8 hours, porous and non-porous surfaces for up to 28 days, COVID-19 for up to 30 days, and fabrics for up to 28 days.

  • Clinically proven to kill bacteria at a 99. 9999% (log 6) rate: 

  • All microorganisms and “superbugs” (viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc.): including Norovirus, C. diff.(Hospital Grade), Burkholderia cepacian, COVID-19 and MRSA  

  • Wet kill at 30 seconds

  • Continued kill rates when DRY for up to 28-30 days.  

  •  My-Shield® silicone-based nano-bond polymer is safe on skin, non-porous, and porous surfaces including fabrics. Studies show it won't rust or deteriorate surfaces. 


Interested in Learning More?

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Zetrisil™ based products vs Alcohol Based products
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Zetrisil™ based products vs Chlorine & Peroxide Based products
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Mitigation of Germs

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