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Logix Smart™


The Logix Smart™ ZDC (ZIKV-DENV-CHIKV) Test kit uses our patented CoPrimer™ technology to differentiate between the ribonucleic acid (RNA) of Zika, dengue (all 4 serotypes), and chikungunya viruses and to detect and amplify regions of the viruses’ genomes.

The test operates using a single step real-time reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) process in serum samples, collected alongside with urine, from patients suspected of being infected with Zika, dengue, or chikungunya. The Logix Smart ZDC kit is designed and validated to identify Zika, dengue or chikungunya viruses even when more than one target is present, such as in co-infections. The presence of one target does not interfere with detection of any other targets. If a patient specimen is positive for Zika, a CSF specimen can also be collected to search for neurological infection.

  • Ready-to-use Master Mix, complete with RNaseP internal positive control to verify sample quality

  • Positive Control (PC), to verify the performance of the master mix

  • Nuclease-Free Water as a negative control, to verify master mix is free from contamination

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