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Standard alcohol hand sanitizers kill germs for only a few minutes. My-Shield® protects for hours.

Exposure to bacteria and viruses are always a health risk. The primary pathways to infection include hands, touchpoints, and surfaces. Viruses are omnipresent, in other words, all around us.

With the myriad of hand sanitizers on the market, choosing a good product can be hit or miss. When making a purchase, it's important to know what's safe for your skin and what will help keep your hands clean after use.

The key to a good sanitizing product is killing germs quickly and effectively. My-Shield® hand sanitizer is a water-based formula that kills germs in 30 seconds and is available in foam and gel. Key benefits include a water-based, alcohol-free formulation that doesn’t damage skin. Hands are hydrated and left feeling soft and smooth. My-Shield® hand sanitizer also protects hands from germs at a high level for 4 to 8 hours after application. Alcohol hand sanitizers have no protection after drying.

My-Shield® is a patented nano polymer technology which creates a microscopic germ barrier that is not provided by soap and alcohol sanitizers.. The formulation has been clinically shown to kill 99.99% of germs including COVID-19 in 30 seconds.

The result of this nano polymer technology is a revolutionary new product that will help protect our personal space, the things that make us feel safe and comfortable, the things that make us feel at home..

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