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In healthcare settings, clean surfaces and hands are more critical than ever

Being in a health care environment such as hospitals poses extra risks for our health. While clean-looking surfaces are a matter of aesthetics, the more important matter is disinfection. Surfaces and hands are both sources for the transmission of germs and are pathways for hospital-acquired infections.

Fighting infection from germs while you're in the hospital is a matter of life and death for many patients. Bacteria and fungi are responsible for more than 80 percent of hospital infections, and antibiotics often don't work.

The long-lasting polymer technology of My-Shield® can help protect patients and healthcare professionals from spreading microbial germs. Clean, disinfected surfaces and hands, are at the heart of hospital infection control efforts.

My-Shield® offers effective protection against germs without any negative side effects associated with typical antibacterial products. It's a powerful, natural formula that's specifically designed to kill harmful germs and protect against the spread of germs when you need it most.

MyShield® hand sanitizers and surface disinfectants are for all professional, commercial, and consumer needs. Unlike conventional chemical sanitizers such as alcohol, MyShield® will kill germs while wet and continue offering protection once dry for extended periods of time.

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