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Our Partners

Our partnerships say as much about us as it does them. Who you work with is as important as who you are

Co-Diagnostics Inc.

Co-Diagnostics has established itself as leader in global healthcare. Co-Dx’s patented products and algorithms enabled them to jump in quickly when it was time to react to COVID-19. Quick, innovative and nimble. Stay tuned for several upcoming testing products that we will not be able to do without.


Apostle has quickly established themselves as a leader in the DNA extraction space with efficient, cost-effective solution for viral, bacterial, cell-free DNA and genetic sample extraction.


The OnGen Laboratory Information System (LIS) is powerful, flexible and optimized for independent labs from small to extremely large. Ability to handle over 300,000 accessions a day, along with handling files of over 1TB. Will interface to all major equipment platforms. Total package will integrate your entire continuum from onboarding through billing.


The Luminate Health solution is a HIPAA-compliant, web-based service that delivers dynamic and visually enhanced lab results to patients. In addition to mobile access, patients receive engaging, evidence-based content that can help them understand their results and actively manage their own health.

Oasis Diagnostics

Oasis Diagnostics is focused on developing innovative, non-invasive saliva collection tools and testing devices. They bridge the gap between research and the clinical environment to better serve humanity.

Trust Assure

The TrustAssure™️️ Solution Suite is a digital platform designed for easy client interface to book travel and event covid testing. The app has convenient reporting options to show proof of testing and results.

My Shield

My-Shield forms a microbe/germ killing nano polymer barrier on skin for 4 - 8 hours, surfaces for 28 days, COVID-19 for 30 days, and fabrics for 28 days. Clinically proven to kill bacteria at a 99. 999% rate, viruses including COVID-19 at 99.99% (up to 30 days), wet kill at 30 seconds, and continued kill rates when dry.

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