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Advanced LIMS: A rapid deployment cloud-based laboratory information system

OnGen LIS offers ease of use with an intuitive graphical user interface. Orders can be entered and communicated directly to laboratory instruments for faster turnaround and greater accuracy. The system is fully HIPAA compliant. The physician outreach portal ensures doctors can freely access the information for their patients. Administrators can set multiple levels of access so unauthorized access of patient information is blocked. The system provides multiple modules that increase laboratory efficiency, accuracy, and profitability. These modules automate quality control, scheduling, testing, and billing.

Scientist on Computer

The Future of Lab Integration

  • Instrument Interfaces with OnGen LIS

  • Web Outreach and Physician Portal

  • Quality Control

  • Electronic Medical Records

  • Microbiology Module

  • Pain Management and Toxicology

  • Pharmacogenomics Module

  • Rescheduling Module

  • Remote Laboratory Module

  • SQL Access Module

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