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We build devices that help fuel new innovations and research in modern medicine.

*Oasis Diagnostics® is focused on developing innovative, non-invasive saliva collection tools and testing devices that bridge the gap between research and the clinical environment to better serve humanity.

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Oasis Diagnostics® Corporation

Oasis Diagnostics® Corporation was founded in 2002 to address a growing need for non-invasive saliva based technology for rapid testing, sample collection, and molecular diagnostics [DNA, RNA and proteins] in the Life Sciences area. The Company is dedicated to meeting the need for more effective screening tools, which may be applied to the early detection of diseases and medical disorders, utilizing non-invasive test specimens, particularly oral fluids (saliva).

The Company’s range of collection and [future] diagnostic tools are covered by a portfolio of issued US, EU and International patents

Recognizing that early diagnosis is the key to disease prevention on a global basis, the Company directs its research efforts towards the development of oral based rapid, point-of-care, laboratory-based and molecular products, which fit into a Corporate objective of improving the quality of healthcare for our global customers.

Oral Fluid Products

Point of Care Testing

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Molecular Diagnostics

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Laboratory Testing

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Saliva Products

Oasis Diagnostics® Corporation saliva collection tools for collecting exosomes, RNA, DNA, cfDNA, hormones, drugs, pathogens, and more. Standardized pain-free collection at a fraction of the price.



Whole Saliva DNA Collection Kit (#303)


Whole Saliva DNA Collection Kit (#301)


Universal Saliva Collection Kit (#603)


Infant Saliva Collection System (#402)


Saliva Purification For Liquid Biopsy (#401)

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