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Transforming health information through better technology and design

The Luminate Health solution is a HIPAA-compliant,
web-based service that delivers dynamic and visually
enhanced lab results to patients. In addition to mobile access, patients receive engaging, evidence-based content that can help them understand their results and actively manage their own health.

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With the secure, web-based Luminate Health service, patients can now access their lab results online from anywhere. More importantly, they can begin to actively manage their own health because Luminate Health allows them to understand their results, get a better picture of how their results relate to their overall health, see how their results are trending, and more.



Luminate Health works with labs to give them an easy and cost-effective digital platform for their patients to access, manage, and understand their lab results. We provide labs with a simple and secure HIPAA-compliant lab results solution for their patients and providers. Labs can now comply with the new and existing HHS policy changes while keeping their patients and providers happy.

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