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About Us

The clinical world moves fast. Fortunately, we move 3x faster.

Intelligent Solutions was founded on the belief that every laboratory should have access to the best in diagnostic testing. We believe in being different, and that’s why we stand out from the crowd.We don’t believe in over-decorating. We don't try to overwhelm visitors with too much content. Instead, we endeavor to provide the right amount of information in the right way. We know that our reputation is impeccable and that our products are peerless.

Diagnostic testing is about getting the right answers and eliminating the wrong ones. It’s about doing it right the first time and avoiding the errors and headaches that often follow. While we certainly pride ourselves on being known for our reputation, we also believe that our ability to deliver exceptional results is what makes us stand out.

We’re here to help you get where you need to be in order to get the most out of your testing operations. By optimizing your testing protocols, we’re helping you get the most out of your time.

Best In Class.
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The Intelligent Solutions Difference

Here at Intelligent Solutions we provide a simple, clean, and efficient process that increases our customers’ productivity in a shorter time. Diagnostic testing resolves issues that interfere with reaching a definitive and clear solution. We uphold the belief that every lab should receive the best support and service possible.


Intelligent Solutions provides a wide variety of molecular testing solutions for small-sized facilities that are concise, direct, and executed in a timely manner. We pride ourselves on being a service of reliability, precision and a contribution to the success of our customers

We’re engineered to help you get where you need to get by eliminating time-consuming and productivity-inhibiting distractions. By maximizing your throughput, maximizing the speed of your testing protocols, and dramatically reducing the time it takes to get from a problem to a solution, we’re helping streamline your testing operations and, as a result, increase your profitability.

Our Leadership


Joe Sarro

Founder & CEO


Tony Iannitelli

Director Scientific Affairs


Jude Stahmer

Business Development

MATT - Head Shot.jpg

Matt Allison

National Sales Director

Quality of Life

We believe in doing what you love! At Simple, we make tests that are easier to use and less complicated. This means working effectively and efficiently to provide the best possible answers. Customers receive accurate and timely diagnostic reports.

We help you perform at the highest level using the most ingenious diagnostic protocols . . . easily, quickly, and productively. Our value lies in helping our clients thrive.

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